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FFS what a day. Seriously. What a day. For the last few days my anxiety has been near a 10 so I’ve been having to do a lot of mindfulness exercises, but the intense feeling that something bad is about to happen wouldn’t shake.

None the less I did my exercises to prepare to be productive today. I managed to get the child to school. I came home, and first pot hole; I couldn’t find my library book that’s over due. So now I can’t turn it in and it’s slowly incurring more and more charges. But whee the hell could it be?!!!! I’ve looked everywhere! And now I can’t find my Roots gloves. That’s really upset me because they were a gift from my sister when she went to Canada and they’re so nice and warm. Did I leave them in the taxi?

Honestly, I was ready to cry at this point.

I get the bus, stop to pick up some packages. Got lost in Newcastle, yet managed to find Collingwood House and make it on time for my theory test which I’ve been practicing solid for. Only to find out that because I didn’t bring the bit of paper that came with my provisional I couldn’t do the damn test! But of course I’ll still have to pay the £25 fee, not that I actually have the money in the bank to do this. But, the lady said, don’t order a new one just rebook your test in January because then the DVLA won’t issue the paper with the license so I won’t need it to do my fucking test!!!!!

Holding back tears, I got some Baileys to go in my coffee and now I’m sitting here in my safe house, brain storming for my final bit of my Portfolio and reading my Cambridge Companion to Gothic Fiction. Sounds like an odd way to chill out but I find reading these books get the brain juices going.

On the plus side I’ve made it home in time for The Daily Politics…. And Luna is giving me lots of snoodles.

I predict a rather angry and vindictive story is about to emerge from these stiff fingers….


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