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Monthly Archives: November 2014

I got on the bus today at around 11 for uni. The driver then shut down the engine. The passengers had a momentary panic that the engine had failed, but the driver shouted out that he was observing a 2 minute silence.

The bus, for the first time ever was quiet. No one spoke. No one moved. I did not imagine that everyone was remembering, but at least everyone was silent and respectful of the occasion.

This is something distinctly British. It doesn’t matter what YOU believe as an individual. It would be rude to go against someone who is paying respect.

So I bowed my head, and I thought. Not of those that fought, but those that didn’t. In a time of ripe patriotism, how strong a persons character to have been to say “no”. And be proud of it.

It might mean little today where going into the army is now voluntary, and patriotism is lost and nationalism is a confused notion. In a world where people do not embrace and assimilate but chose to exclude and excuse.

But it meant something on the bus.

2 minutes of silence.


Wonderful, thoughtful, complete silence.

Then the engine started up again. And instead of talking about X Factor, people talked about the news on he bus.

Remembrance Day means many different things for many different people. But it makes us silent. And thus, think.