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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Just uploaded my first story on wattpad:


My 3rd assignment came back yesterday – FINALLY!!! – and the tutor said once I made my corrections I should submit it to one of the magazines I’ve researched. Ha! Of course she pointed out that they probably get loads of submissions and not to get my hopes up but still! I was so jazzed that as soon as I tightened up my sentences and fixed a few tense lapses I submitted it. It wasn’t until after I sent the email that I realised I forgot to put ENGLAND on the bottom of my address, and this is an American magazine. Whoops.

Response time is about 2 months the online submission guide says, the payment is pretty lowest but I wold get a free copy of the magazine. This might not seem like much but it’s one less thing for me to buy – yes I have bought this magazine before – and as I’m not too attached to the story I’ve just tried to sell I’m feeling quite proud of myself just for being in a position to try.

I’ve also realised that this particular story I’ve redrafted about 8 times. When that penny dropped I kinda laughed. Knowing that redrafting many times is not a sign of failure but growth. Ian Irvine one of my favourite authors just posted on his Facebook account that he has redrafted his plot sequence 8 times already and it still has loads of scribbles and adjustments on it.

My final thought is that a body of work is a lot like an oil painting; to the artist it is never finished.

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