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Monthly Archives: October 2012

I hate having to wait for the mail every morning. I’m currently doing a long distance writing course and instead of opting to do it all online I decided that because I’m rather nostalgic I opted to have my assignments done by post…. It’s gonna be 2 weeks now and I really really hope that my assignment comes back because i have the 3rd one all ready to send off right away. I’m very proud of myself for that, getting on top of things is something in struggle with but I successfully batted aside my chronic depression for long enough to complete my assignment…. Now I just have to wait to send it off.

If all I get today is another blank envelope from a broadband company and a letter of sales bs from my bank I might just scream in frustration….

Luckily tomorrow is Halloween so if I do my neighbours will just think I’m practicing. Ha.

10-4 /


I finished My first draft of The Cedar Witch this morning, I also only went over my aim for 4 000 words by 200 so I am rather impressed with myself. I’m glad that I chose to keep out the hobgoblins because that not only would have added too much bulk but also it wasn’t relevant to the story. One brilliant thing I am learning the more I write is to control word vomit. Haha. Still, I will be keeping that bit about the hobgoblins for another story.

So what no? Well I’m gonna leaves for a bit, read it again with fresh eyes to make sure I am accurate with the tense and typos, then decide if I am brave enough to post it on wattpad. S between now and then m going to try and read up more on this whole electronic rights business…. Because if I am honest it still gives me a bloody headache.

If I post this story on a site like wattpad does that mean I can’t try and sell it to a magazine or ezine if I wanted to? What if I posted it to a blog?

The mind boggles.


Ahh is there anything better than the sounds of a hard thump through your letter box that means a new book has come? Even better when it’s 3 days earlier than predicted, not that that should matter as I won’t be reading it right this second, but that’s not the point! The best thing to curb those morning blues is to tear open the amazon cardboard wrapping, pull out the new book and seeing it for the first time in the flesh, open it to the middle and take a good sniff. Ah yes…. So soothing.

The book in question by the way is Bleed Black by Rebecca L. Kerchaw. I admit I bought it on a whim, in an effort to branch out on what I read and to stop being such a book snob. I have after all read some good fiction books that didn’t take place in space or an alternative reality so why not? I’ve already gone to the dark side.

Anyway, I think I might try and give this book my first review so watch this space!



Well I do think that writing writing over 5 000 words over 2 days by hand is a good achievement. writing a further 3 000 words on the iPad has totally killed my fingers so I am calling it a night. Well so far, knowing me I might add some more before bed. Until then though I am going to continue reading The Curse of the Mistwraith by Janny Wurts.

Peace out!

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